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JW Trumpet Studio

"Creating independent musicians of all ages and abilities"


Trumpet lessons are taught on an individual basis.  There are no two students who are at the same place in their ability or taught the same way, and that is what makes teaching so exciting and never dull!  One comment that is said very often is "I want [trumpet] lessons to be 'fun' for so and so."  While I understand this sentiment, I must say that my job as a teacher is to better each trumpet player I work with.  The "fun" will evolve from the hard work put in and the various alterations we may make to the student's technique, resulting in playing with more ease and less frustration.  When students come prepared for each lesson, fun is definitely occurring!  When the student is less prepared, I don't waste any time and use the opportunity to help the student practice and work toward improvement.  I feel when lessons are paid for, students and parents should see results.  However, my favorite saying is "I can lead a horse to water, but I can't make him drink it." I look forward to every student's growth and improvement, from beginners to advanced students preparing for college and professional music careers.